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DSerial-PCIe/LP Port lockup/unresponsive
05-12-2016, 10:47 PM,
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DSerial-PCIe/LP Port lockup/unresponsive
Hi all,

I've got a bit of an issue with a pair of DSerial-PCIe/LP cards i have installed in a Dell OptiPlex 7020 SFF with Windows 7 x64 Pro. In a bit of a pinch i had to put something together that could work as a bit of a console server on short notice. LAVALink and Memory Express to the rescue Smile. I had no issue installing the cards and connecting them up to the switches and routers i needed to console into. I am using PuTTY as a terminal emulator as Windows 7 is devoid of the good 'ol handy HyperTerminal.

Here's the problem:

After a short period of time following boot and logon (sometimes as short as 5 minutes), I run into one of two issues on some or all of the COM ports - assigned COM11,12,13,14. (I had the same issues when the ports were assigned their default assignments of COM4-7)
1. I am able to 'connect' or open the serial port, but i can't get anything to echo back, even after pounding the enter key many times (which should bring up a new command prompt line on Cisco iOS). The first time i noticed this was after first boot up after installation and driver load for both ports on one of the cards (at first i was thinking a hardware issue, but managed to get 'er to go after a reboot.
2. I get an "unable to open port COM#" from PuTTY when trying to open a line to the ports, i just had this happen on all four ports (both ports on both cards). Changing the COM port assignment (to something like COM4,5,6,7 for example) does not correct this behavior, i just get the new port number/name in the error message.


For troubleshooting purposes, i have managed to temporarily correct this through one of the two following actions:
1. Reboot the computer and log back in.
2. Delete the device from Device Manager and do a "Scan for hardware changes" to reload the devices and the driver assignment.

I am using the driver package available on 05/11/2016, file name "". I've switched the cards between slots (board has 2 x16 slots) and the issue doesn't follow a single card or slot consistently, but it is always two or four ports at a time, when only two, they are both on the same card. I have no issues with the on board port, which is assigned COM1. I can't find anything about device power management in Device Manager to rule out some sort of bus shutdown for the cards, so i am at a bit of a loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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