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[FAQ] My ESL isn't displayed in the LAVA Manager
07-28-2015, 12:13 PM,
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[FAQ] My ESL isn't displayed in the LAVA Manager
I have an ESL on my LAN that I can access (i.e. Ping and/or view the ESL's Embedded Webpage) however I am unable to see the ESL in the LAVA Manager.  Is there some way to view the ESL?

If you are able to verify network connectivity to your ESL's but are unable to see them in the LAVA Manager then you most likely are dealing with: a firewall issue; anti-virus issue; or network hardware issue.

In order for the LAVA Manager to display all the ESL's on your network it first needs to send out a Discovery Packet, also referred to as a Broadcast MAC Packet, to determine all the ESLs present on the network. This Discover Packet is ignored/discarded by all non-LAVA devices, however any LAVA device understands the importance of this packet and will respond to the LAVA Manager indicating that it is present.

Unfortunately certain applications (i.e. Firewalls, Anti-Virus) and network hardware (i.e. Intelligent Switches) see this Discovery Package as Network Interference and opt not to propagate the Discovery Packet to its intended target resulting in the LAVA Manager not being able to see any devices.

One option to allow the discovery would be to temporarily disable either the Firewall, Anti-Virus application in order to allow the discovery the ESLs.  If you are performing an occasional configuration of the ESL and/or a one time Activation this would actually be the simplest thing to do. Once the ESLs have been configured be sure to re-enable any security settings that you temporarily disabled. 

LAVA does not recommend turning off a firewall as a long-term solution to enabling LAVA Ether-Link Manager access to a LAVA Ether-Serial Link.

Another far more secure option would be correctly configure the blocking application, or network hardware, to allow propagation of the Discovery Packets throughout the Network.

The LAVA Manager application uses the following protocols for communication:
  • UDP Port 4101 for detection of LAVA Ether-Serial Links
    • broadcasts to a destination IP address (to the LAVA Ether-Serial Link)
    • use of directed MAC addresses (again, to the LAVA Ether-Serial Link)
Applies to:
All ESL Devices- LAVA Support[/list]

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