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Connection Issue
04-18-2017, 07:52 AM,
Post: #1
Connection Issue

I am trying to use an ESL 4 port device using Windows10. The device manager looks fine, I am seeing all ports (green) and I can access the device from the browser as well. However I cannot access the ports. I tried to send data using code (simple application in c# that threw an exception when I tried to open the port) and also tried accessing the port using putty (again did not manage to open port).

Any ideas please?
04-24-2017, 10:41 AM,
Post: #2
RE: Connection Issue
Would you be able to provide a little more information about your setup (ie version of Windows 10, which version of the Lava Manager/driver you are using)?

Based on what your describing it sounds like the ESL is configured for Driver Mode and the port is already installed, however did you encounter any errors when installing this port?

Are you certain that no one else is already connected to the port? This is easy to check by loading up the ESLs embedded webpage, basically if the port is being listed as Active it means that the ESL already has a connection open.

- Lava Support

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