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Installation: "service installation section in this inf is invalid" error
11-14-2011, 07:25 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-25-2011, 11:22 AM by admin.)
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Installation: "service installation section in this inf is invalid" error
When trying to install a multifunction pci card in Windows Vista and Windows 7 the OS will fail to install the card and display a warning stating “service installation section in this inf is invalid”.

In both versions of Windows the “mf.sys” driver which is used by our Multifunction PCI card was relocated without precedent or warning. As a result the driver is unable to correctly install.

This is a very simple thing to fix. The “mf.sys” driver is still present on the system and by simply copying file to the traditional location the system will easily be able to install the card.

Microsoft has a step by step guide to locating the “mf.sys” on affected systems [KB926171//]. By following steps 1 through 5 you’ll have the card installed in no time.

Applies to:
  • DSerial-PCI OS/2 Ready version ONLY (PCI 2 port RS-232 with 16C550 UART, designed specifically for OS/2)
  • Quattro-PCI (PCI 4 port RS-232)
  • Quattro-PCI Powered (PCI 4 port RS-232 Powered)
  • Quattro-PCI 3.3V (PCI 4 port RS-232 3.3V)
  • Quattro-PCI/LP (PCI 4 port RS-232 LP w. cable)
  • LavaPort-Quad (PCI 4 port RS-232, 16650 UART)
  • Octopus-550 (PCI 8 port RS-232 w.cable)
  • 2SP-PCI (PCI 2 port RS-232/1 port EPP)
  • LavaPort-Plus (PCI 2 port 16650 RS-232/1 port EPP)

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