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ESL Firmware DOwngrade
07-24-2015, 09:03 AM,
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ESL Firmware DOwngrade
Hi we bought a lot od Lavalink dual rs232 to Lan adaptor, the are all runing the LAVA_ESL_1_2_42007_0325a
the last unit we bought last year is runing on LAVA_ESL_WESL_2013_07_22a we try to down grade the unit but the upgrade software for the 2007 cannot detect the new unit. the old lavalink manager also cannot detect the New unit. We decide to downgrade but the software gap is too big. CAn he get the older version , version in between the 2013 and 2007; so that we can try to do  Progessive downgrading of the firmware.

Pls let me know if this is possible
07-24-2015, 12:07 PM,
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RE: ESL Firmware DOwngrade
Unfortunately there is no way to downgrade the newer units to the older firmware revision as the newer units have a completely different hardware platform than the older units, and vice versa.

Also, since the older units have been discontinued there is really no way to reliably supply you with an older unit.

Is there a specific issue that you are observing with the ESL? .... While the two firmware images are different we have found the 7.xx firmware release to be far more stable that the 6.01.
07-27-2015, 12:56 PM,
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RE: ESL Firmware DOwngrade
we have used the Lavalink install2006-12-20a firmware version of the ESL 2 port RS232 DB9 since 4 years ago ( on win Xp )
Recently just 2 month ago we need another 1 unit .

The new unit with the new firmware cannot work properly with the older lavalink manager ( 04.10.00.); will the new version of Lava manager work with the 2006 firmware version or do we have to either upgrade all the 8 sets of old lava serials with the latest firmware or downgrade the new unit to the upgrade2007-03-25a firmware?

The lava manager we are using is Release 04.10.00.

I am not sure if the old ones will be able to upgrade to the latest firmware or if the new one can down grade to the old firmware.
07-27-2015, 02:34 PM,
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RE: ESL Firmware DOwngrade
Based on what you're describing I would strongly suggest updating your version of the Lava Manager.

The latest version of the LAVA Ether-Link Manager (v5.14.0) was updated earlier this year and as such there are certain Driver changes that you may benefit from. A newer version of the LAVA Manager will definitely allow you to view ESLs with the latest Hardware Platform/Firmware.

Also, depending on the Firmware revision on your older ESLs I would also maybe suggest upgrading the Firmware of these devices.

All older ESLs (1, 2 and 4 Port) with an original Hardware Platform have a final Firmware release of ESL 6.01.00/29.03.2007.  If you have a 1, 2 or 4 Port ESL running a firmware release prior to 6.01.00 then I would look at upgrading its Firmware. All ESL with the newer Hardware Plaform will have a firmware release of ESL 7.XX.XX.

If you're unsure which Hardware revision your ESL may be running you can easily verify the hardware revision by looking at the MAC Address printed on the bottom of your ESL.  

Older ESLs will be in the MAC Address range (00:04:3B:00:xx:xx), while ESLs with a newer Hardware Platform will be in the MAC Address range (00:04:3B:01:xx:xx).

Download Link: LAVA ESL/WiFi (2015-01-13)

- Lava Support

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