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Lava Port-PCI Lockup Issues
08-18-2014, 05:36 PM,
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Lava Port-PCI Lockup Issues
If you're experiencing instability and/or lockup issues with your Lava Port-PCI card, then depending on the hardware revision of your card there are some alternate drivers that may resolve your issue.

You can determine the hardware revision by looking at the card's MOKO number, which is silk screened in white on the face of all our cards, and will be along the lines of L66.x.

For modern versions of the Lava Port-PCI card (MOKO L66.6 and higher) there is no need to use an alternate as these alternate driver address specific hardware issues with the older cards.

DO NOT use these alternate drivers with newer cards.

MOKO L66.5 (Circa April 1998 - 2001)
MOKO L66.4 (Circa Nov 1997 - Mar 1998)
MOKO <L66.4 (Pre-Nov 1997)
For all modern cards simply use the standard drivers listed below.

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