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[FAQ] What is the Default Password for my ESL?
07-28-2015, 11:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 07-28-2015, 11:20 AM by LavaSupport.)
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[FAQ] What is the Default Password for my ESL?
What is the default password for my ESL?

For most ESLs the factory default passwords are:
  • Administrative Access = admin
  • Port Level Access       = portN (where N is the logical port number .... i.e. Port 1 would be port1
With the Administrative Password have full access to all configuration settings on the ESL.  This will allow you change in the Network Settings (eg IP Address, NETBIOS name, etc) in addition to being able to modify the Port Configurations (eg Port Mode, Port Settings and Access Restrictions) for all Ports on the ESL.

With the Port Level password you will be limited to the the viewing and modification of the appropriate Port's Configurations (eg Port Mode, Port Settings and Access Restrictions).

NOTE: Once a password has been modified by the end user then the factory default passwords will no longer be valid. 

Therefore if you have an ESL that has been reconfigured to an unknown password then the best course of action would be to restore the ESL to its factory default settings.

 [HOW TO] Reset an ESL to factory defaults

Applies to:
All ESL Devices

- LAVA Support

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