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Ethernet to 2 RS232 - ve6aq - 02-28-2018

I cannot connect to the device. I connect it on to my switch and ping and nothing. I have reset the device by shorting out pins on J15 as per instructions.

I have connected the device directly to my computer with a cross cable but nothing.
The power red light is on (12v) and one yellow light on the cat5 connector.  I cannot ping the device on this setup.

I have looked on my router and it is not on there.
What else can I do?

RE: Ethernet to 2 RS232 - admin - 03-21-2018

Hi Denis,

If you attempted the hardware reset of the ESL and are still unable to ping the unit then I would suggest opening a ticket with our Support Desk ( and they will be able to walk you through the RMA procedure.

- LAVA Support

RE: Ethernet to 2 RS232 - ve6aq - 03-21-2018

You can close this inquiry.  I have return the unit to the original owner.
Tnx for the help