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files on external usb HD not seen - cfc.lark - 07-22-2015

When using a TL-002 to connect a Western Digital My Passport 2TB usb drive, or a Seagate Freeagent Goflex 3TB usb drive to a Samsung
Galaxy 10.5 S tablet, the tablet- after noting a 'usb mass storage connected' then indicates that it is 'blank or has an unsupported filesystem'. (In
each case power is being supplied to the TL002 through the Samsung charger.)

There are several files and folders on each of them that can be seen and accessed on a PC.

This does not happen when a USB flash drive is connected. In that case, the drive is recognised and the MyFiles folder opens.

Have you any clues why this might be happening and any suggestions on how to overcome the problem?

RE: files on external usb HD not seen - LavaSupport - 07-22-2015

I believe you may be running into a drive size and format limitation.

Samsung Tablets require that all external drives be formatted for FAT32, in addition from what I've seen Samsung has a drive size limitation of 500GB.

I would suggest trying a smaller drive (<500GB) and reformatting the drive for FAT32.

- Lava Support

RE: files on external usb HD not seen - cfc.lark - 07-23-2015

Many thank.

I hadn't realised Android needed Fat32.

I used to reformat a 500gb NTFS formatted drive to Fat32 (in about 5 seconds!) and now it works perfectly with the TL002 and the Samsung Galaxy S.