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Full Version: [FAQ] Power Role Swap with some USB-C Devices at 100% Charge
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There has been an observed issue where certain USB-C Mobile Devices are unable to successfully negotiate a Power Role Swap when fully charged (i.e. Battery is at 100%).

When fully charged the Mobile Device will briefly disconnect during the transition from Charge to Discharge instead of renegotiating a Power Role Swap. This results in all peripherals being dropped before attempting to reconnect. Upon reconnection the Charging Cycle is restarted and the renegotiation attempt repeats over and over again.

This is particularly problematic for a Device during recalibrating (i.e. setting the Tablet to 100% after every x cycles).

Sometimes, though not always, the Mobile Device will break out of this loop on its own, but the only way to break this cycle is either to discharge the Tablet below 100%, or prevent the Tablet from every reaching 100%.

If you find yourself experiencing this issue please connect LAVA Support in order to resolve this issue.

- LAVA Engineering
Thankyou great information