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Full Version: Getting it to work
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I've purchased the simulcharge usb device and I wish to connect it to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" to a Zebra ZD420 printer via USB.
Communication is working when i plugged in both the tablet and the printer. However, im unable to communicate to the printer after i plugged in the power cable.

Please advise.
Hi Tok,

Would you be able to provide the model number for your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0"? It should be something along the lines of SM-Txxx. Also, if you could let me know which LAVA product you're using that would help as well.

That being said, for our products to function correctly there needs to be a specific set of drivers on the Tablet to support simultaneous charging. Unfortunately if these drivers aren't present on the Tablet there is nothing that can be done to install the drivers after the fact.

Tablet models and builds are always changing but we try our best to try to keep a list of supported Tablets for both our LAVASync and SimulCharge products.

Hopefully that helps,
LAVA Support