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Full Version: Writing to ESL COM Port from Command Line or Batch Files
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I'm currently writing to a bank of TV Screens via an RS-232 connection and a simple batch script, that is executed from the command prompt in Windows XP.

I'm piping the data out of the Serial Port, located on the Motherboard, to the TVs by way of the following command:

type cmdlist.txt >> COM1

I was hoping to get past the distance limitations by connecting to the TVs via Ethernet.

Does anyone know if the ESL is capable to sending data to the Virtual COM ports though batch programming?
As long as the ESL is in driver mode and you are able to connect to the box (i.e. opening the port through HyperTerminal or some other terminal program) then you will be able to pipe data to the device through a command prompt.

A couple of things to note though:

1. You will only be able to pipe to the first 9 Com ports (i.e. COM1-COM9). This is a limitation of the Dos interface an not our product, there is technically no limitation with our driver and Com Port numbering in Windows.

2. You will need to ensure that the Baud Rate expected by your device matches the default Baud Rate on the device. Since you aren't specifying the Baud Rate when you're piping to the Com port the data will be transmitted based on the default settings. You can either configure this through the web interface or through the Lava Ether-Link Manager.

- Lava Support