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Full Version: [FAQ] Working with the Samsung Tab 4 tablet
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Solving the boot up and charging problems of a Samsung Tab 4 can be achieved
with the LAVA STS-** products.

A Samsung Tab 4 8" or 10.1" Tablet with Android KitKat, which is powered
off, cannot be charged or activated when a LAVA SimulCharge product is set
to SimulCharge mode. In this state the screen may flicker every few seconds.

SimulCharge mode is the desired operational state, as it permits a tablet
to charge and operate with USB accessories.

To address the problem, the LAVA STS-** SimulCharge products have the
Charge-Only mode, which permits the Tab 4 Tablet with KitKat to charge
as well as be powered on. A push button on the STS-** case is used to
change charging modes.

The Android Lollipop behavior differs from KitKat on the Tab 4. The tablet
will charge in SimulCharge mode and can be powerred on from SimulCharge mode.
The Lollipop problem is that once powered up, the tablet may not recognize
the STS-** adapter and the tablet may not be charging. Changing from
Charge-Only mode back to SimulCharge mode restores use of the STS-** adapter.

The Tab 4 7" device has not been tested.

The tablet can optionally remain in Charge-Only mode, to charge the tablet
battery at a higher rate. In Charge-Only mode, the tablet recognizes
no USB accessories. Once a tablet is active, changing back to SimulCharge
mode can be performed at any time. It is best to have some battery charge
built up before switching back to SimulCharge.

The Charge-Only mode can be used as a recovery mode for a Samsung Tab 4
tablet, which has been turned off or has completely discharged.

The majority of LAVA SimulCharge products have a (Charge) Mode button which
toggles between the SimulCharge and Charge-Only mode. The power on default
is always SimulCharge.

When pressing the Mode Select button for at least 1/4 second then releasing
it, the Mode is toggled between SimulCharge Mode and Charge-Only Mode.
If the button is pressed for more than 4 seconds, the button is ignored
until released then pressed again.

The product status lights report which mode is active. A yellow indicator
reports SimulCharge mode is active. A green indicator reports Charge-Only
mode is active.

The STS-** products which have the Mode button include the STS-3U, STS-E,
STS-PE, STS-2UE, STS-P2UE, and the STS-P2UE+. These products are intended
for a specific set of Samsung Tablets.

The STS (formerly TL002C) is a board only product for OEM applications.
This product is not provided with a (Charge) Mode button, but instead has
a Mode jumper. Shorting the Mode jumper is equivalent to pushing the
Mode button on the STS-** products. This product is intended for a
specific set of Samsung Tablets.

The STS Type jumper configures the Mode jumper for level sensitive or
edge sensitive operation. Please consult the product specific documentation
for further details on the STS Mode and Type jumper behavior. With the
Type jumper removed, the board operates the same as a STS-** product.

The TL002 product is a user level product that provides SimulCharge support
and adapts the Tablet Micro USB-B receptacle to a USB-A receptacle. This
product does not support the Charge-Only mode. This product is intended
for a specific set of Samsung Tablets.

A Samsung Tab 4 with KitKat, which is turned off, can only be turned back
on if the TL-002 is unplugged from the tablet, or the power to the TL-002
is turned off. If the tablet battery has been completely discharged,
the tablet must be plugged directly into a Samsung Charger to build up
a minimum battery charge, before reconnecting the TL-002.

The PL-002 physically resembles the TL-002, but is designed for a specific
set of Samsung Mobile Telephones. The PL-002 operates in the same manner
as the TL-002. The LAVA Web site contains a compatibility table to
identify which Samsung devices are supported.

Do not use a PL-002 with a Samsung Tablet. Using a PL-002 with a Samsung
Tablet will do no harm. However the desired charging modes will not work.

Using a TL-002 with a Samsung Mobile Telephone will do no harm. However
the desired charging modes will not work.