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Full Version: having the otg host/charge adapter charging a dead tablet
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I have the otg adapter for the samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1. It will charge the tablet - but if the tablet is fully discharged, it will not start until I plug the samsung charger directly into the tablet. What can I do about this?
Unfortunately this is a quirk with Samsung's implementation of the Tab 4 line.  

I'm not sure if it is a hardware or software issue on their end, but when the Tablet is fully drained it won't transition into the appropriate charging mode until the battery is at least partially charged up.  Oddly enough you'll encounter the same operation if you attempt to power on the Tablet with the adapter connected.

I wish there was a solution for you but, its a quirk with their implementation of the Tab 4 line and there is really nothing we can do to rectify this.

- Lava Support