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Full Version: Debugging Tab S through an STS-E
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I'm currently debugging an application on my Tab S (10.1") where I need a Wired Ethernet connection.  Does anyone know if its possible to run a Tablet in debug mode while going through the STS-E?  I just want to know before I end up purchasing a unit.
Unfortunately what you're looking to do isn't possible with the STS Product Line. The 5V Power Input on the STS is only capable of accepting Power and has no ability to pass on Data communication to the Tablet.

For normal operation the STS product line requires that a supported Samsung Tablet function as a USB Host in order for the Tablet to access USB Peripheral (ie Ethernet). By connecting a Tablet to a PC the Tablet functions as a USB Peripheral with the PC acting as a USB Host Mode, as a result the STS product would not function correctly.

At the end of the day the 5V Power Input is only capable of being a Direct Charge Port (DCP) and as such requires a standard Samsung Travel Adapter be connected to this Port.

- Lava Support