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Full Version: STS-2UE+ not using Wired Ethernet Connection
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I've got an STS-2UE+ and its been working flawlessly with my Tab 4 (8"), however I picked up a Tab S (10") from Bell and while I can see the Tablet charging it doesn't appear to be using the Wired Ethernet Connection for data.

I've disabled WiFi and Celluar Data, enabled the Wired Connection, but I'm still can't get any communication through the Ethernet.

I was originally running DHCP, but opted for a Static IP Address, without change.

Model: SM-T805W (unrooted)
Build: LRX22G.T805WVLU1B0D6

Any ideas?
I'm not familiar with that Model number, though the majority of our test devices in the lab are non-Cellular Talbets.

When you connect the STS up to the Tablet is the Tablet charging? This is a simple test just to ensure that the Micro USB connections are good.

Also, when you connected up the Ethernet Cable did you see a "Ethernet Connected" appear in the right hand corner of the Tablet?

- Lava Support
The Tablet is charging, I'm seeing the lightening bolt. I'm also seeing the Ethernet Connected icon pop up.
Did you give the Tablet a full reboot after enabling the Wired Connection?

Sometimes in the lab we've seen situations were if the Wired Connection is enabled for the first time the Tablets won't fully enable the Connection until after the Tablet reboot.

- Lava Support
That's it! Its weird that it needed reboot after turning on the Wired Ethernet. Thanks!@@!!