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Full Version: SimulCharge for other screen sizes
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Our company is planning to use a tablet computer as the display solution for sports. The tablet must be connected to multiple usb-devises and be charged at the same time. Your TL-002 simulcharger together with Galaxy Tab 4 seems like a perfect solution.

However, the supported devises at your page tells that only screen sizes of 8.0″ and 10.1″are supported. Does it really matter? The 7" Tab 4 would be much cheaper.

The annual need, if everything goes as expected, is around 100 units.
We would love to be able to provide a solution for a lower cost tablet, however Samsung does not maintain a consistency between different product/model lines. As a result the internal workings of the 7" Tab 4 are radically different from that of the 8.0" and 10.1" Tab 4 and the solution that allows you to charge and access the USB Port on the large tablets will simply not work with the 7" Tab 4.

As of right now we have no ability to access that functionality on the 7" Tab 4, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Well the news is bad but its a good thing I asked and a great thing that you answered so quickly.

We must find a way, first ourselves, how to make our system affortable and I hope that your product will be part of it.
I definitely hope that we can be part of your solution as well.

On the plus side we have a solid understanding of the Samsung line of products that work with our SimulCharge line of products. So hopefully the costs make sense for your company and you will keep us in mind.

- Lava Support