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Full Version: TL-002 SimulCharge USB 1-port for Galaxy Tab
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Hello...  I bought the above from you this month....  I have a new Galaxy Tab S tablet.  I tried to get this to work on it and it didn't.  All the lights went on and the Charging bolt showed up...  When it tried to connect to the tablet I got the following message..
"USB STORAGE BLANK / FILES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE"....  It sees it but it won't recongnize anything on the harddrive...  I have a Western Digital USB 1 TB hard drive...

Is there anyway to get this to work?  Please help me or I just spent $60 on nothing....
In my experience the Samsung Tablets are only capable of supporting smaller drives (500GB being the upper limit) and the drives must be formated to Fat32.

Have you tried the TL-002 with a standard flash drive formated in Fat32?

- Lava Support
What do the drives come as standard?

If I go and buy a 500mb hard drive will it work?

How would I know if it was Fat 32 or different?
Unfortunately I can't definitely say that by purchasing a new 500 GB drive it will work, as there are other issues to contend with, most notably power requirements. That being said I was just dealing with another customer who has a 500GB Seagate Slim Hard Drive and was able to read the drive through TL002, but apparently 500GB is the absolute upper limit so its sort of a crap shoot.

As for the file format that is based on how the hard drive has been formatted, usually within Windows you can right click on a drive, select properties and it will inform you of the drive's file format. If the drive (flash or hard) is in NTFS you will need to reformat the entire drive to FAT32.

At the end of the day the TL002 is more geared towards Flash Drives as their power requirements are much lower but an external drive should work given the able constraints. Personally I would suggest starting with a Flash drive initially to make sure that everything is working and then move on to an external drive after the fact.

- Lava Support