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Full Version: TL-002 Tab4 8" nothing
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I purchased the TL-002 and i have a Tab4 8" and I plug everything in, and nothing, the tablet doesn't show it's charging, and it doesn't see the usb drive. Am I doing something wrong, or missing something? or is this not compatiable with my device?
The Tab4 8" is definitely compatible with the TL-002. Are you providing Power through the Samsung Travel Adapter that came with your TabletAdapter?

What sort of USB drive are you currently using? If its an external HDD you might be running into a Power Limitation where the Power being supplied by the Travel isn't enough to Power both the Tablet and the external Hard Drive.

Also, due to the Samsung drivers the Tablets are only capable of supporting/reading drives up to 500GBs in size and drives that are formatted for FAT32. Are you certain that your USB Drive adheres to both those requirements?

- Lava Support